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Sunday, July 10, 2011

BACG Conference -day 1-


Ok,this is my 2nd entry for today.I just come back from the barbeque at conference venue. I met a lots of people who is in the same field with me. So, during the poster session, there was a guy came to my poster and asked my a lots of question!Alamak! Fortunately, his interest is on the part that I know well. So, alhamdulillah, I can answer his questions on that part though there was a question that I couldn't answer. But I think his questions were a good start for me so that I can prepare more for the next 2 days session. I also met an Egypt lady, who is doing PhD as well. She is a muslim of course. The question that I like the most is, "are u doing PhD as well, coz u look very young." Today 2 people said like that. One was my research group member who thought that I am only 22, and the other one was that lady. Yes! I am still look younger than my age!haha...I don't have to worry about my age then. It just a number. It does not matter how old are you as long as you know how to maintain like a young lady even you are already 30!

Haha...okay, I am tired. I want to pray and go to  and wake up early to study little bit. Wait for the next entry about my day during this conference.

P/s: I have no time to find the platform 9 3/4 coz the station was so crowded. 

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