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Sunday, July 24, 2011



I am really missed my ibu
Almost a month her computer at home got a problem.
She can see me but she can't hear my voice
Nobody wants to fix it
If I am there, I will fix it, ibu

Sometimes when I called her
She complained that she tired to do all works at home 
If I am there...I will help you, ibu

Currently, our home is under renovation
She has to tidy up and clean up the house
But she tired to do those works alone
If I am there...we will do the works together, ibu

She has so many "baju kurung" in her wardrobes
I like to tidy up her "baju kurung"
but now she has to do it by herself
She always said to me
"Kalau angah ada, angah mesti tolong ibu kemas kan"
Then my eyes filled with tears T_T

Normally, after "kenduri"
I was the person would put back the dishes in the cupboards
(even sometimes I kept mumbling because only me had to do that job)
but then, now, she has to do it by her own
and she keep told me
"Ibu penat, angah tak ada, tak ada orang nak masukkan pinggan dalam almari"
Oh, ibu. If I am there...I will do it ibu even I might keep membebel coz everybody so lazy to do that thing
(but yang kuat membebel ni lah yang ibu ingat ye...hehe)
coz if not me "membebel" they wouldn't do any jobs at home, so sometimes I had to "membebel"

Whenever I called her, she always asked me
"Macamana study angah?banyak kerja?"
and I always said "macam tu lah...sentiasa banyak...tak pernah habis..." and started to "membebel" again
And she never forget to tell me that she always remembers me in her du'a
Never forget to keep praying for me
I know I am here because of ibu and arwah ayah's du'a
Thanks both of you.
I never forget to pray for you 

When we grown up, success in our careers, and we have our own family,
sometimes we do not notice that we ignore our dad and mum,
We are too busy with our own jobs, with our own family,
Keep talking about our own career, our handsome/beautiful spouse rather than our lovely parents

I don't know how my life is 5 years afterwards. I really hope that I can take care of ibu like how she was taking care of me since before I was born until now
My mother and my late father had made too many sacrifices to fulfill their children's needs

Thank you ibu and arwah ayah.
Both of you are always in my du'a

Raya 2009 : last raya with ayah :'( 

Ibu for her good health & long life and arwah ayah for his happiness in the next world

I love you both!!!  

My tears start to roll down...arghhh... I hate this feeling!