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Friday, July 15, 2011

BACG Conference, Open Day and Next Conference


I was so tired when I came back from London.Only tonight I have some times to update my blog. The last day of the conference and the SMS open day were really great! lots of knowledge that I gained from both. The open day especially really helps me to run my experiments later on. I thought the open day is a formal meeting which the company will open a booth or give some talks on how to handle their products etc. But then the meeting was very informal. The staff entertained me nicely. Thumbs up for the SMS staff! One thing that I noticed in the company is all the staff there are Dr.!I am impressed with them!Don't be surprised if you come to UK and you'll find that the person who in-charge the instruments in the lab also PhD holder. So, PhD is nothing actually. Don't too impressed to people who are doing PhD at their early age. That is what British people do. Hmmm...(actually, I am stressed when people keep asking me how old I am because I look very young to do PhD)...

Then, on Thursday, I got emails from my supervisor that asked me to attend another conference in Edinburgh, Scotland and the meeting at Diamond Light Source as well. The conference just a day before the meeting at Diamond. Owh...I can imagine how tired I would be that time.Travel from Leeds to the North of UK, then I have to travel to the South for the next day early in the morning of course. If these are the best for me, I hope Allah will make it ease for me.

OK, I want to pray and continue my reading and writing. Oh, actually why I keep writing in English because I am writing my report. So, to maintain the writing mood, everything should be written in English...I know my English is still "so-so"...but practice makes perfect, right?

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