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Sunday, July 3, 2011

moving out


Today is my last day at room G2.22, Montague Burton flats. I am moving to Kelso Garden where a lot of Malaysians students live there. I am so tired this weekend. I did pack all my stuff and I had bought a new luggage since the biggest one does not enough to put all my clothes inside. I will miss this room and of course this flat. It was not so bad as I think before. All my flatmates were very kind to me, even though we had some arguments at the early months I moved in. But then, we become close to each other. Parmida, Iranian girl, who is very friendly and she has a lot of friends. She like to mingle with people. Ally, from China, who likes to make something funny even though she did not mean it. Mona, the oldest among us, she is 26, from Iran, who is likes cooking and her cooking is marvelous! We did make doughnut together and she likes to bake cakes as well. For me, she is a beautiful lady, everything is perfect!The last one is Mariam. She comes from Dubai. She also pretty and cute with her big eyes, and I like to hear when she speaks. Her English is excellent!She helped me in correcting my grammar for my works. She likes my fried rice and asked me for the recipe.

Girls, I am gonna miss you thou' I know I am not a good friend to you. but for me, it had a great time while I was in this flat. Hope to see you again next time!

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